Hipshot has helped to redifine the bass industry, by offering a selection of products that make custom building possible for independent luthiers. They also do their manufacturing right here in the USA, unlike most other bridge and tuner manufacturers. I've used Hipshot products in my basses and guitars for years.


I started working directly with Bartolini when I was 19 years old, and have never stopped. Good people and great products, I use an assortment of pickups and preamps in my basses and guitars.


I consider Aero pickups to be among the finest in the world, and have worked with them for a decade. There is no other manufacturer as willing and able to create custom designs when necessary, which is a vital part of building custom instruments.


I have recently started to use the Stellartone tonestyler as an option for both guitars and basses. It is a unique product that can add a whole new spectrum of tone to an instrument.


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