Welcome to the new Stambaugh Musical Designs website. A number of years have passed since the original site was launched. The business has grown and evolved through the years. SMD is still owned and operated by myself, Chris Stambaugh. Every instrument is still entirely handcrafted in my workshop in New Hampshire, USA.

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It had been a challenging project to attempt to encapsulate the variety of instruments that are being produced on a single coherent website. Although electric bass guitars have always been the dominant focus of the business, electric guitars play an important role. In the past few years, chambered and semi-acoustic instruments have grown in popularity. The most frequent comment among customers has always been “You do so much more than what your website shows!” As one of the few makers to offer fully custom work, the variety of designs that have been made through the years has been too large to comprehensively catalog. It is important for potential clients to realize that, although they may not see their personal vision on the site, it is quite likely not a problem to achieve.

There were four goals when designing this website. The first was simply to demonstrate and display more current examples of what Stambaugh Musical Designs does on a daily basis. The second was to launch a series of “models” to help clients have a starting point for creating their own personal custom designs. The third was to introduce a line of stock instruments, available for either immediate purchase or short timeframe ordering. The fourth goal was to display the rapidly growing community of SMD players and supporters. The intent was to create a site that would allow players to feel informed and comfortable with the concept of creating a custom instrument. As with all websites, the content will continue to grow and evolve over time.



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